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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Federally required disclosures form

Instructions and Help about Federally required disclosures form

Under the guise of a commitment to new forms of innovative job training the Trump administration is going to hand literally hundreds of millions of dollars over to private businesses to conduct new forms of apprenticeships and of course as with many of the other topics on today's show it will be done without any oversight whatsoever so this move is going to a develop government funded apprenticeship programs from the Labor Department now those are being moved over to third-party private entities including trade groups labor unions I'm surprised they actually put those in there and private businesses as well the third parties are going to set their own bar for success with these programs and submit their metrics to the Labor Department for approval an approval private process that I predict will be rigorous yeah totally I like that a lot again how do you crack that code get approval bad I've got the zip just make sure you dot your T's and rasterizer record this is still useful got in fact it's a larger use of government funds than previous than previously yes so that's the good sign theoretically and that's what they'll focus on is that they're actually doing more money so Trump is going to redirect over 100 million dollars of federal job training money to pay for the new apprenticeships uh there will also be 90 million dollars in new funding uh or funding it for the existing program uh so 2092 two hundred ninety two hundred with the basically the new hundred and ten yeah for the new pro so you hear that and you think okay there's some funding going to these apprenticeships and maybe we'll check back in a couple years and it'll be great but you're taking money that was going to a variety of different job training programs which was managed and had oversight by the government and instead you're giving these private businesses and theoretically yes labor unions as well car plows should do their own programs and not only are you funding that but this isn't new money the money's coming from existing job training programs so if this is a disaster it's not just a disaster it's a disaster for the programs that we've already been relying on so this looks like an amazing way to throw a couple of hundred million dollars in businesses and they just get that money and they set up the criteria for whether the or success or not and look compared to some of the other stories we cover okay a couple hundred million dollars isn't as much as we're usually seeing but it's still a pretty good payday for these businesses they will get this money and by the way in addition to the money being moved from job training programs to the new apprenticeships overall the president's proposed budget would impose a 36 percent cut to job training programs so what remains is largely it looks like.


When buying a house as is, is lead-based paint disclosure required to be given to the buyer, even if the seller is unaware of lead being present?
When buying a house as is, is lead-based paint disclosure required to be given to the buyer, even if the seller is unaware of lead being present? Is it true that Trump is eligible for a huge tax credit by refusing his presidential salary? What are your thoughts on Jared Kushner now advising Trump on the coronavirus pandemic? If Donald Trump won't show his tax returns how can we know his real financial worth? Why is he borrowing money? Mueller's team got a federal judge to pierce attorney-client privilege and used his lawyer’s testimony to get the indictment against Manafort. Some legal scholars say this is rare and aggressive. What do attorneys think of this? What would be some effective measures to reform Washington that have a realistic chance of happening? Federal ethics laws require politicians to disclose their financial assets. Why then can President Trump not release his financial statements? Is there a law that regulates political lobbying in the USA? Such as providing excess amount for political campaigns for a sure candidate. How/where do you define a partnership in a US Corporation, during the registration?
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